28 February 2012


Sorry for the late post. To tell you the truth, I was out of ideas... and everything I wanted to talk about in a post was too short. For example:

"Guess what I heard today?! BIRDS. A whole flock of them."

{That was all I had for yesterday's post}
Yesterday we did a photo shoot in the laundry room! Kent receives $80 every semester on a card for laundry, and usually he gets only half way through the card by the end of the semester. All the leftover money goes down the toilet! Ever since we started dating (March 13th, 2011) I have helped him out :)

It's not only free, but also fun because we have to carry my laundry about 2 blocks in the cold over to his place!

Here is us Fall 2011:

Broken fingers - ps they are still broken but getting so much better! Read about when they were crushed: here, here and here.

Here is us yesterday :)

He's singing :)

The second was an accident.

During the 30 and 40 minute waits we did homework and ate some andes mints! Those are probably on the top 5 of my favorite candies. Thanks Derrick :)

Kent also did some of his puffer. He is sick and his asthma gets like 16x worse when he gets sick :( Luckily I have a reallllllly good immune system :)

xox anna

27 February 2012

Special Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen: 
I am pleased to announce that tonight will be the first time...


On his own!! :)
With little to no reminders from me to check it sometime. (We've only crammed the web address in his head 8 times now). I'm so proud of him.

You are my very best friend. I knew from the beginning of our relationship that it was going somewhere special. I love you so much and I am so excited to spend eternity with you! (doing fun things like this) :)

TE AMOOOO:* and thank you:)

xox anna

26 February 2012


I've noticed I've been a Lame-o blogger lately. Kent would be mad. He doesn't like me saying that I'm lame or stupid or dumb - which is ironic because sometimes they very well apply.

Here is our cart from 2 days ago. Can you tell we were hungry?

Tonight we had dinner, then went out for a cupcake and then to a $3 movie. Again, LAAAAAAME.  I don't usually go see movies THAT often, so it was nice. Different story with Kent - his family is big into them. On Weekends when we go down to Utah we hear, "Wanna go see a movie?" or "How about we go see a movie?!" every time. no joke. 

Interesting fact about Anna (because this blog post can't get any lame-er!): I chew my pens. ALL the time.  (side note: I also call "pens", "pins" - as pointed out by Kentelope). While I was thinking and chewing today, my retainer glue from the retainer inside my mouth came off. This happened exactly one year ago!!! Coincidence?? probably. But I'd like to think otherwise!!
It was supposed to happen...

...because I needed something to blog about.
I am going to try my best to make this week a fun week and remember the funny things that happen so that I can blog about them :)

xox anna

25 February 2012


I did it again. They interact with each other! hahaa

Last night the Fianc and I went to Pizza Pie Cafe with our married friends and some other fun people - so much pizza and so much fun!
We also watched like 63453 episodes of BILLY THE EXTERMINATOR! haha we love that show and love laughing at it. 

I have to go take a test now :(

xox anna

22 February 2012

Phone Photos and others...

My posts are usually centered around photos because that's how I roll. Usually I focus on just one... but today here are several. And they are mostly photos found on Kent's phone

We will start off with Kent's sandwich bum that looked like lips:*
(I spy President Hinckley)

Our photo for yesterday was from our little adventure we had in the Romney Building during a 15 minute break before class. We finally figured out how the building works.

Kent likes to take pictures of me and my crazzzy outfits/daily luggage I carry around.

valentine cookies 

True Story - I thought that was a woman's shirt until I took it off the hanger. The other one is of me picking out makeup.

More photo pictures! Mr. Buys was my HUGE helper today! I couldn't have done it *happily without him. Then we ran into our friend Katherine - I am talking to her in the left one and almost taking a picture of her in the right one :)

We will end with a nice one of Kent Roberto. I seriously think he should get some of these glasses!! Don't you!?

xox anna

21 February 2012

3 day weekend!!!

 5 minutes after we left to go to Utah for the weekend, we were pulled over for going to fast. Ha, good way to start the weekend! We eventually got there and had a wonderful time with the Buys' family. Lots of ice cream, movies and games :)

On Sunday Kent and I put together a binder of all of the letters we sent to each other April 2011 - August 2011 (while we were apart). It was SO FUN to look back on our little jokes and sweet words said to each other. We didn't really know each other well, but then did get to know each other through letter communication. I am so glad we did this. I recommend it.

I should have taken a final picture of the final book we made... but we basically filled the letters into clear sheets and put them in the flower binder that is in the corner of the last picture. It's huge because we sent each other so much paper!! It will be so fun to look back on when we are old farts. 

Our wedding stuff is coming together! We officially have a reception place for Kansas and Utah! Now we just need to call the temple... (they don't have a phone number yet). haha

ps This morning videotaped a girl in my class who was sleeping. She was pretty funny, and it looks like she kinda knew... oh well :)

xox anna

Fanny Anny

Remember this little photoshoot?

My little helper Kentos took some pictures too.

haha so fun.
xox anna

16 February 2012

Photo Fiasco

Before we get to the pictures, let me set the scene. We are sitting in the hallway of the Romney building in between classes. There is about 7 minutes before Kent's Chemistry Lab, so we decided to take our daily photo. I begin setting it up on a table where there are 2 guys studying/doing homework. While setting up the camera and already invading their space, somehow my hair got caught in the zipper of one of the guy's lunchbox. The two guys and Kent were laughing while I was struggling to figure out how to get my hair out of the zipper. Finally I got it out, and as you know already, it takes me like an average of 4 tries to get the right shot. 
Here is the first shot:
And the second.... haha
By this time we are giggling. *Keep in mind each time I have to take the picture, I have to approach the two guys with the lunchbox again.
During this shot, the same person from the previous photo had walked by so we thought it had been the same type of photo, but it just missed him. I didn't dare look at what I was getting. I was already causing a scene.

4th time's a charm: 

So embarrassing, but so fun to look back on.
Do you have any fun moments of this week?

xox anna

15 February 2012


This is what I see on my walk home from work every Monday Wednesday Friday at 4:00pm. Someday I will forget this fabulous view and miss it. So here's a picture.

On this particular picture-taking-mood day I realized that Kent Buys walks home from work at the same time. So I decided to spy. 

After a disguised "how was your day honey?!" phone call, I found out that I had time to make the move and spy on him.

It was so fun and so sneaky

Right now I am on my belly taking pictures of him through a gate 

This is a WAY zooomed up picture of his reaction to my "looking sexy" whistle... I'm not sure how to type that. Then he came running to me like the movies.

He jumped up onto the fence and kissed me. It was fun sneaking up on him. I recommend it! But make sure you know the person. If you don't, that's what facebook is for. 
Then gave me a baby scone and grabbed the camera to take a picture of me. It came out with some model material:

Have a happy Wednesday! We go to Utah this weekend!!
xox anna

p.s. we have a funny story to tell you about this picture:
(those smiles are 100% real because of the situation behind it)