31 January 2012

Our Love Story

Kent and I sat down and created this to enter into a contest for a free wedding shoot. Sadly, we were not chosen as a finalist, but here is the story any way because I think it's pretty cute ;)

Our Love Story – Kent Buys and Anna Freeby
9/10/10 She Saw Him in Math Class – As students at BYU-Idaho we had a math class together and saw each other for the first time. I thought he was cute and he kept getting me mixed up with another girl.

1/10/11 They Met in Family Home Evening – That next winter we were assigned to the same family home evening group in our ward. We became good friends through game nights and late night taco bell runs. With about a month left of the semester, we realized we both had feelings for each other. 

3/9/11 Country Dancing First Date – After talking about wanting to go for a while, I finally asked her to go Country Dancing via text message. I stepped on Anna’s toes the whole night due to my lack of experience. Besides that we had such a blast in our button-up shirts and belt buckles.

3/13/11 He kissed her – After spending all Sunday side by side, we found ourselves talking, laughing and getting to know each other. We went on a walk around Porter Park and then he took me to his house. We sat on the couch watching Madagascar 2, when he asked me, “Can I kiss you?” and I of course said yes.
On 4/6/2011 Anna went back to Kansas for the summer and Kent stayed in Idaho, but we stayed together. It was the best decision of our lives. Being apart brought us so much closer together and made us realize how much we care about each other.

4/29/11 They Fell in Love – This is what was said via text, Listening to backstreet boys and looking at our pictures made me miss you soo much. Love you babe.  I had to say it:) have fun watching despicable me:) muah – kent We have been smitten with each other ever since.

8/22/11 He came to Kansas – After the semester was over for Kent, he came to my hometown of Manhattan, KS to see me and meet my family! Our first hug in the airport was so special and felt so real. We took a drive to the Kansas City Temple construction site and he told me how he was feeling about us and about marriage.
We spent the fall semester together at BYU-Idaho, and then Anna went home to Kansas for Christmas.

12/31/11 He popped the question & she said YES! – Coming off the plane in the Salt Lake City airport a little earlier than scheduled, I looked for Kent but could not find him. I waited for my bag and then turned around and saw that he was looking at the screen for my flight. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. After the hug he pushed me back and showed me a sign he had made that said “Welcome Back Anna!” then he flipped it over and it said “KANSAS CITY TEMPLE BABE – I CAN’T WAIT!” Then He got on one knee, handed me flowers and said beautiful words about us being together forever, then he popped the question! And I said yes :)

6/16/12 For Time and All ETERNITY – Our Temple date is June 16th, 2012 in the Kansas City Temple. We couldn’t be happier!

We are SO EXCITED for our wedding day/to be married and it is so fun to be planning and seeing it all come together!!!

xox anna

CRAZY Monday

I lost my computer last Friday afternoon.

We left for Utah on Friday (fun weekend post coming... just wait!), came back and I couldn't find it for the life of me. That's when I remembered when I bought sandwiches for the trip to Utah from that store behind Kent's shoulder. I put my laptop down to order/take the sandwiches home. No big deal, we will stop by the Lost and Found tomorrow morning it will be there.


I gave them my info and then went to the store to ask if they picked up a laptop or saw one on the counter, and they didn't. We went to the custodial office, then they told me to go to the security office. Kent & I went and had to report a "theft" thing for the computer, even though I knew it couldn't be stolen - comon guys, it's BYU-Idaho.
So basically I had private detectives hired for FREE to break this case of the missing/"stolen" computer! (see picture - 2 police officers in the background behind the kid in grey). It was a crazy/eventful day. I had assignments due today and got them done WAY last minute and then I had to hunt my computer down all across campus. I like those weird moments of life where everything works out, and you know it will, you just have to do your very best and all that you can to get it done. 
My laptop is safe and sound now, and I am here blogging at 12:57am - when I am fully aware that I stink like a bonfire (FHE @the Sand Dunes) and I'm tired and I have a 7:45am class tomorrow morning. Oh wait, every morning besides good ol' Friday. 

After work, I went home to meet Kent to have a snack before Family Home Evening. On my way I saw a man whistling and taking out the garbage - thought nothing of it and kept going along to my home. Kent sneaks up behind me and yells, "BLAAA!" and makes me scream so loud. We laughed about it for like 5 minutes. Turns out the guy taking out the trash asked Kent if he could help, and yep, he sure did. (I was TOTALLY distracted).
After laughing and hugging because we hadn't seen each other for FOUR WHOLE HOURS, I got the mail and noticed a package for me from my wonderful Granny :) She has been so gracious and supportive with my journey to college away from home. Every holiday I have received a "holiday package" of goodies celebrating that holiday. Kent and I opened a valentines day one today! It is so cute and the decorations she sends add so much love and happiness to our apartment. I can't wait to do this to my children/grandchildren. It totally makes my day and reminds me that I have grandparents that think about me and love me!

I was in the Spori lab until 11:10pm tonight finishing my assignment. Kent was such a sweetie and came with me after FHE to do his homework right next to me and I just couldn't help but stare at him just because how wonderful he is to me and others and how much fun we have together!
I love my man.

have an awesome Tuesday! I will post photos from the weekend soon. PS I GOT A DRESS! And Kent and I made a budget! The Wedding is COMING TOGETHER!! It's a miracle and so fun. Can't wait to show you.
xox anna

26 January 2012

Already Found Him

Last week I was called as our ward's Family History Consultant! At first I was like, "freak. I don't know how to do this or know where to even start." But the secret is to just start, then you will get the hang of it and will realize how awesome it is. I am way excited for this calling. Basically our goal is to have everyone in the ward find one name and then take it to the temple. Today I went to the Family History Center here on Campus to find out more information about what I need to teach my Sunday School class. Basically it's a class all about learning why it's important, how to do it, and to start doing it. My dad has done a lot already and I plan to build off of his saved files. exciiiited. 
I also went to new.familysearch.org just to check out my page and found this information... 

already found one :)

Get on your lds account and start looking for relatives at familysearch.org! 
And go to the temple! I need to start going more often...
xox anna

25 January 2012

New Year's Eve with Mr. Buys

New Year's Eve with Mr. Buys from Anna Freeby on Vimeo.


xox anna

King Kent

I made this Crown for my World Foundations class because I was going to play the role of King Claudius from Hamlet (by the way I have a test in that class open until tomorrow..........) and I never got to show it off to the class! 

So I put it on Kent and took some pictures of us while he called his dad :)

xox anna

23 January 2012

I should be in bed

I have a 7:45am class tomorrow and a butt load of things due at like every hour. 

So now I will upload pictures.

Thanks Granny and Grandpa for the $6 to buy some ice cream! :)
Neilsons is our favorite!! Frozen Custard is the way to go. We ate this and then watched "The Last Song" and cried our little eyes out. 

This is how we say goodnight every night with the little wave goodbye- I watch him until he gets to the end of the hall, and sometimes peek over the edge of the railing to wave one more time.

First there is one of these, and then we wave goodbye :) 

Ahhh I love him and this pic. My awesome friend Lauren did the hair - she did practice wedding hair on me tonight. she is amazingggg.
FHE with the Dominguez family Monday night! We've got treat and lesson! 
xox anna

ps look for the pokemon ball in the last picture. weird, but cool.

22 January 2012

I need to blog more

I just realized that I haven't blogged in foreverr. I started that little "daily calendar" of write one little thing about your day, and then you are done and flip it to the next one... kinda thing and I have been neglecting this little bloggy. I also do that Kent&Anna tumblr blog, and that's on my mind most of the time. Also wedding plans have attacked, I'm in school and work is busier than it's ever been of taking pictures of very specific random things for the new BYU-I website. I'll try to post some of my work (when I can find it on the site). I have been journaling which is a plus - usually it's a sacrifice between the blog or the journal. Journal has been wining. 
Oh my gosh. Kent and I watched "The Last Song" and I cried like a wildfire. The little boy reminded me of my little brother, and the dad wrote music!! Like my dad!! It was so sad and made me realize that I should not take the relationships I have now and the ones I have later for granted. People are put in our lives for a reason and I need to always remember how blessed I am to live here, in this country at this moment and go to this amazing university with my fiance who oh-so loves me and shows it everyday. I have been so incredibly blessed to have the support I have and the family that surrounds me everyday. Life is awesome. I never knew Miley Cyrus would totally change my thoughts to really happy ones. 
This was our date on MLK day - we made a paper chain to count down the days until Valentines day (Kent thought it was in April). Each link on the chain says something we need to do for that day. Here are a few examples:
-listen to each other's heartbeats
-call our parents
-piggy back down and back starting from my apartment to the end of the hall
-staring contest... GO!
and those are the handprints we made then wrote on with sharpie to opposite parents, telling them that we are so grateful for their love and support - then we said "we expect you to hang these on the fridge, like old times" (hang our art work - like we are kids) haha and they did.
Then we made hotdog/whateverisinmyfridgeandcupboard castles. We had 10 minutes to create the magical place and then it was our dinner :) After dinner we made "little dippers" which are like homemade take 5's. 

I love pinterest. This is basically where all my ideas came from. (I came up with the dinner part and the chain).
Things are going super well, and we couldn't be happier! :)
Have a great week - if I don't talk to you before then... 
xox anna

Our Reception for Kansas will be June 16th, 2012 from 5-7pm (probably)
Our Open House for Utah will be June 30th, 2012 (not sure on time)

20 January 2012

Wedding Day Coverage Contest!

The awesome, oh-so-amazing photographer JALENE TAYLOR has announced a contest for a free full-day coverage of a wedding! This is amazing timing and we already had our eye on her even before she created this contest! I am so excited to enter! Whoever wins will be so lucky.
Oh, and it's official! Ladies and Gentlemen....
Kent Buys and I will be married on Saturday, June 16th, 2012 in the Kansas City Temple. The church announced this today: 

Interior work being completed; to be dedicated Sunday, May 6, 2012

very awesome.
xox anna

15 January 2012

Picture Updates

I take pictures for the BYU-Idaho website/brochures they need. Last week these four lucky people get to be on the cover of the "New Student Guide" for the school. (These brochures get sent out to the new students - it's like a checklist for them). 

Kent and I do a lot of homework on the BIG MACS in the Spori because of my intense graphic design class. 

We will miss these good times once we get a car :)

COTTAGE CHEESE! Kent got blue and Anna got pink for boy/girl. We like it with pears and peaches.

If you would like to see more updates of our life go here! :

xox anna


Guess who went and spied on Kent at work this week?

That's right, his future wifey. 
My man's a hard worker!
xox anna

09 January 2012

Phone photos DECEMBER

It has been quite a while since we have posted our monthly "phone photos" These were taken in december/january on my phone, but some of them were sent to me by kent's phone. 
Sorry they are really out of order....

I sent this to my sister saying "my two loves" but then realized I actually sent it to Kent.

December 31st! Best day everrr.

I look terrible, but kent it so cute :)

First time seeing Claire!!

Kent & Anna

Kiva - This is how she sits through movies. Except she is usually asleep and is being scratched. 

Christmas gifts! - Kent gave me the hat :) and the Frame I'm holding is probably my favorite :)

This is from Kansas woo!

Claire and I having fun in Pier 1

One of my favorite pictures of Mr. Buys

Buys Boys next to their fictional characters ha :)

Kent got this in an email!!!!!

My gift to Kent - OMELET MAKERRR!!

precious. ahh

"Brothers missing their girlfriends" was the caption - ha

xox anna

06 January 2012

"My Treats"

David and Kent served their missions in Oklahoma where Kent would make his "treats". I'm sure there is a real name for them, but we just call them "my treats" - referring to Kent.
Tonight we made it a date and had dinner, played UNO ROBATO and then made some treats! It was so fun and Kent was CRAZY - afterwards he said "I was on one tonight". 

1 cup sugar
1 cup corn syrup
1 cup peanut butter
6 cups corn flakes


xox anna

05 January 2012

Little Cocito

We bought a coconut at WinCo for fun! 

This was our first time trying to open a coconut, so we went to advice online on how to do it. This video is hilarious and you don't expect him to open it or cut it the way he does. 

Here is little Cocito :) See the face? :O 

Kent with the tools 


We didn't even have to cut it with the knife to scrape off the shell! 

We think it might have been a bad coconut (a little rotten) but it was a fun experience:) 

Many more of those to come!

xox anna & kent:)