25 October 2011

No Facebook

No social media for 2 weeks. Can I do it? This includes facebook, pinterest, blogger, and any other blogs I follow. ahhhhhh I guess I will just "blog" in my "journal" by hand. It should be really good for me. Maybe I'll get more done. Blessing in disguise: my research paper is due in 2 weeks. This really will be a blessing. One last cool post before I go:

Kent and I canned applesauce!! Jodi Rarick is the sweetest person, she called me up one day and asked if I would be interested in canning my own apple sauce, and so we went spent the morning at their house canning! It was our first experience and we will definitely be continuing this neat process. 

Molly and Naomi helped us peal the many many apples we used

I did some by hand

They made it a game to get the peelings to the ceiling. It was cute to watch :)

We decided while testing the sauce the whole morning that we like it chunky and with a good amount of sugarrr. Kent did it all with broken fingers. I'm impressed. 

We took Molly to school then finished up our canning! We even got to take that big bucket home :) Thank you so much Jodi - we absolutely love you and your family.

Here are some other old pictures I found on Kent's camera today:

off to the Rarick's for Suday dinner!

braces appointment :)

General Conference!

Buys family (and others) at Conference!

Rainy Day - on our way to babysit Raricks!

Being silly

and crazy


and he followed us!

i love catsss

at the cocoa bean right after fingers crushed

with Morgan and Randy!

Math 108 - Fall 2010 This is where we sat, but we didn't know each other.
But we remember seeing each other!
Have a great 2 weeks! See you then :)

24 October 2011

Weekend and Health

Remember that straw maze surprise I was telling you about? 
Wellllll, we went but it didn't really turn out how I thought it would. That's how life rolls sometimes.

Thursday morning Kent went to the hospital in Idaho Falls with his Uncle Dean to get his fingers looked at. They are good now, he put some splints on the 2 fingers and they look straighter and the swelling has gone down. Sorry about only showing you the crazy injury post.

So later that day around 4pm Kent went to the Rexburg hospital for a drug test for his JOB!! Yay he got one!! (His first day was today) So anyway, they made him pee in a cup. Problem was... he had just used the restroom and every time he tried, there wasn't enough. On the 4th try, he got sick to his stomach. He felt so gross and sick and dizzy, but luckily it was enough for them to use. He started walking to my house when it was time for our date, and I began texting him and frantically calling him because we needed a ride and people were leaving!! I found a ride and told him we are coming to pick him up. The worried driver took forever to get there, but finally we got him and he felt sick the whole way there. It was a nice 30 minute drive and I felt sorry for Kent, for taking him to this not so awesome date for someone who is in the mood to throw up. Right when we got there he got sick and so then after that.... he laid down.

We sat there together and looked at the stars <3 

Then I found out they were handing out doughnuts and got me and him one :)
It was the worst date idea ever and we just sat there and waited for the people to come out and give us a ride home again. poor kentelope :( (the medicine made him sick)

The tops of Kent's fingers are hurting a lot, he can feel the bones moving like pop rocks popping in the package. (I made that analogy - it probably feels a lot worse)

Did we ever mention that he also broke that pinkie on his mission? It looks funny :)

We love you!

20 October 2011


Text From Kent Buys at 2:01pm: "I crushed the top part of my fingers:o they are trying to get me to more of a specialist doctor"

Class had just started and this was the message I got and I couldn't use my phone in class! I was worried the whole day, imagining the doctors having to take his fingers off. The top joints of his two fingers are broken and messed up. It will take a while to fix... He is going to a doctor in Idaho Falls today with his Uncle. We talked last night about how grateful we are for family and how they are always there for us. We love our families!

We also have some good news too!! Kent went in for a Drug test this morning for a JOB! Not positive he got it, but at least he gets to take the drug test, right?? That's positive! Last night Kent watched Lord of the Rings while I slept during it. I never have or will understand those movies. Tonight we have a date! I will take pics and post them tomorrow. It's a surprise for Kenteloe, so shhhhhh! I'm taking him with our ward to a STRAW MAZE. It should be fun :) 

Have a lovely day!

19 October 2011

Bad News

right after it happened - trying to poke a needle into the nail
We think they are broken. It just seems to be getting worse and he cannot move the tops of his dedos. Kent texted me this morning about how they look and that they are just getting worse and continue to hurt. We will see what happens after the doctor today... It's so scary and I'm so mad at myself for not pushing him to go to the doctor. We thought we could handle it by ourselves, but we have been humbled to ask for more help. Accidents are a scary thing and I hope I can handle them in the future! Those days are so crazy. He's so cute though: Since it's the two middle fingers, he told me over the phone, "It's easy to do the I love you sign now. I'm doing it to you over the phone." 

My photojob:

Photos for BYU-Idaho. This job is harder than I thought it would be. I have to find models and work with a lot of people and take the pictures they want. Some are very specific, but I do enjoy it. Not so much the late night editing though.... (went to bed at 2:39am - I usually shoot for 12am)

Devotional yesterday was wonderful! It talked about not living in worry of the future, but to recommit your testimony of the Savior each day and focus working for answers in your prayers. Then the answers will come about what to do for the future through the Spirit. ahhh I loved it. It was perfect for my situation now. 
Last night Kent and I went to the Cocoa Bean with Morgan and Randy!! Then we did a late night taco bell run - a usual for us. It was good to have us all together again.

I will keep you updated with Kenteth's hand. Poor Babey:*

18 October 2011

Exciting Day

Today was a very exciting day! I started out the day by picking up my Beautiful Anna at about 9:30 am. I have no car, i just picked her up with my legs:) We went to the university gym to get buff! Our workout was going great! We worked out our chest and triceps! ohhh Yeahhhh! 

So, as you can see the weights did not like me:( As I was finishing my last enduring set on the free weight incline bench press, while still laying down I went to drop the weights and as I did so I was painfully surprised by a weight that was already sitting on the ground. My fingers got smooshed in between my weight in my hand and the weight that was already on the ground. DAD GUM! I quickly looked at my fingers and they seriously looked like they were flattened to half the size of my normal finger size! 
My sweetheart came to the rescue! Anna helped me find help and was the biggest support to me. We sat in a chair at the gym with ice on my finger for a little while, and then went to Anna's apartment. We were told that we should poke through my nail to get the blood out which would relieve the pressure and pain I was feeling. I liked that idea and so Anna heated up a needle and bravely stuck it through my nail. I'm so proud of her, she did not want to do it, and she did! Woo Hoo babe! oh yeah, Anna also made me a delicious breakfast burrito and then dropped me off at my house where I slept for half of the day. Anna came by and dropped me off some goodies!Oreos and candy corn! mmmmm She is so sweet, and thoughtful. I can't thank her enough for her love and support today and always. 

Right now, a lot of the pain has gone, but my fingers look like burnt sausages! They are very swollen and FATTY! Hopefully my hand will get better and heal normally. 

Anna: I am seriously glad he is okay. This has been such a scary experience together and I am glad we got through. Kent is so brave. I love you babe:*

Pumpkin Time

Look what we found at my apartment today! A wonderful surprise from my lovely grandparents. Thank you Granny and Grandpa! :) We love you!

Welcome to my newly decorated apartment! Here you will find pumpkins on our door, and candy corn names on our wall!

I will be a sad lady when they get rid of snail mail :( I love how this looks!

Our "Spooky" fridge

BOO! EEK! towels <3

Bathroom mirror - now we have a cat! :)

scary stuff

I love the lighting and our cute window clings

pumpkin streamers! :D

It was so much fun to open and decorate the apartment. Also included but not pictured: silver earrings, a beautiful bracelet, Halloween stickers, skeleton socks, and a bag of KIT KATS! But only for halloween, of course. I will be giving them to my roommates and any trick or treaters in 2 weeks!
Thanks again Granny and Grandpa! :) Love you!

Then Kentelope and I went on a scavenger hunt for pictures for my photo assignment in my apartment complex parking lot. 

Found one: the pop machine button photo is a polychromatic image consisting of 3 or more colors from the photography color wheel. (Kman was on the phone the whole time with his papa).

so i took pictures of him
until he came and hugged me

{braces} .. hehe

This bike and slug bug photo make a nice chromatic photo with complementary colors - blue and yellow

The end.