16 June 2011

camy cam

{ I found this!! }

 There are TONS of positives to cleaning a house. Like seeing the end result, making better decisions to keep the house clean and finding goodies like this to keep and USE (*big part of organizing)! Yayayaya I can't wait to develop the beauties I took. <3
p.s. organizing is like my favorite thing everrrr. Keep it simple!

{ That's my dad talking }

This summer I decided to join the band my dad is a part of. It has been fun playing the songs I have heard every summer growing up. Good times! :)

Have a great weekend!
for reading this blog. 


09 June 2011


{ ready for the day }

I figured something out today. I should have a long time ago.
Note to self:
If you ever feel very lazy, take a shower and get dressed and ready for the day. Even if you are not going anywhere! (Whaaaa?) It's a crazy thing it does to the mind. It makes you feel good, responsible, clean, and happy :)
Try it. It's fun. It's motivating me to do things I never imagined doing today (including writing something on this blog!)
Awesome. I'm glad we have discovered that.

I'm not a very good writer/speaker. I can tell you things using pictures, so I think that's just what I will do :)

{ Kiva in the cone of shame }

I let this little one out to go potty. She saw a rabbit and chased it through a barbbed wire fence. I knew something had happened to her (because of personal past experience with a barbbed wire fence...) but not until she layed down and showed me her tummy. It was straight to the vet! We had to push her into the room to get her temperature, and while they were taking it, everyone kept saying, "Is this the emergency??" referring to Kiva. She was quite the center of attention! After a couple of hours, she was allowed to go home and rest. No running, jumping, stairs or swimming for her! This is going to be a loooong 2 weeks.
Claire and I recently purchased our first pair of TOMS! They are amazing. I love the idea of the company and the shoes themselves. SO COMFY :)
{ Summer & Claire }
I still haven't finished the pictures from my birthday party, but let me tell you, they are cute! I hope you will see them soon, I'm kind of really behind...
Well, there's a little update of what is going on. I register for classes next week. I changed my major from Elementary Ed to who knows what next! Time to think...

02 June 2011


1.      Swimming!
2.      Pet photography :) This is Baxter our neighbor’s dog.
3.      S’MORES!
4.      More S’mores
5.      Grandma and us visiting grandpa’s grave
6.      Grandma & Dad on a train!
7.      Liiiight
8.      Claire’s TOMS
9.      Anna’s TOMS
10.   Tball
11.   Parker found a 4 leaf clover
12.   More train
13.   Mom & Claire
14.   Parker at the Pool!
15.   Campfire
16.   Kiva in the street
This is what you have missed!