21 April 2011

It's okay to be embarrassed

{ stresssingg }

I just gave a presentation and I'm surprised I didn't pee my pants. I was 65% confident in what I was arguing, and I think it showed. My music was too loud... The light was on, when it should have been off... and the presentation was way too short. It was so embarrassing. 

At least it's over, right? Which means I'm thiiis much closer to home :)

haha, that was written in the middle of finals. I was way STRESSED. Let me tell you, it's good to be home. Kind of too good. I have been kind of a lazy bum.. 

Another try at posting, "I'm home."

{ the family on a little picnic }

I am home! It is good to be back. I missed these people like cahrazy. 
Now that I'm home, you may ask what I am doing, and I will tell you, "not really sure.." I'm definitely kind of on the hunt for a job, organizing my stuff, and taking pictures! 

My dog and I went on a run this morning in the beautiful 70 degree weather. 

Sorry I have been a lame-o blogger lately. I'm working on a ton of things that are due on my Birthday! I have a fun post coming up, and I'm way excited to show you!! 
But I did want to let you know about the Olive Garden experience I had yesterday with my grandmother. After our 2 bowls of soup and 4 plates of salad, we had some extra bread sticks. "Put those in your purse," says my French grandma as she waves her hand over the bread sticks. I just laugh to myself while I put the buttery bread in my cloth bag. "They are just going to throw them away anyway," Grandma says as we leave. 
{ I want to be a grandma cat lady someday too :) }