30 April 2012


Today at 9:52am I celebrated 20 years of birth.
Here was my day: (everything is "birthday" because it's my birth day)

Birthday sleep in
Birthday wake up
Birthday skype with K
Birthday present from kentelope
Birthday lunch with granny & mom
More Birthday skype with K
Birthday craft
Birthday nap
Birthday dinner - Awesome dinner made by claire - thanks girl!
Birthday family presents
Birthday scavenger hunt from parker
Birthday blog
Birthday scripture study
Birthday skype with K

And here is the night in pictures:
Sorry, I just woke up

It says "AnnA." - with a period


Family gifts - they know me too well. (The papers are tickets to go to the temple dedication INSIDE THE TEMPLE!) :)
and then parker's present was a scavenger hunt by following the string.

Walk to the Tiki

Which all led us to the container 

Then to a mailbox

Then to the presents!

Which we opened on the tramp

It was a fabulous day - thanks for all the wishes on facebook and all the fun and happy moments you have all shared with me!

27 April 2012


haha fail with the grass

 I bumped the tripod while running over to him

this was his idea: secret kisses 

We take a lot of these shots...

I miss him so much!


It has been updated!


go see!!!

K and I have skyped alllllll morning long and we will continue until duty calls (work).

26 April 2012

waiting for some fillings

As I waited for the pain that I knew was coming in the next 20 minutes (2 shots for fillings), I listened to and watched things around me at the dentist office 2:00pm on a tuesday and these are the awesome things I noticed:

>>My dentist (Dr. W.) Serves coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in his waiting room...ironic.

>>Adele's voice bugs me so much. "Someone like yoooOOOOOoooouuuuUUUUUU TOOOOOO" I've had enough.

>>There was a funny older lady that would say something and then just laugh. I love those kinds of people! She took my hand and said, "that is a very pretty ring! My granddaughter got one just about like it about a month ago." haha mine was custom made.

>>Family Fun magazine is better than all the rest.

>>The same funny lady was talking to the secretary and said, "oohhhhh yes, baby." To a question that didn't require a "baby" at the end of her sentence.

Big News! I turn 2-0 on Monday and I'm doing this awesome thing that my sister did. Stay tuned!


made two of these today: http://www.elmstreetlife.com/2011/02/diy-heating-pad.html


and one of these: http://pinterest.com/pin/233835405622040319/
Striped frame--easy directions!

and some of these:

next item on the list: http://pinterest.com/pin/233835405622137484/
Pinned Image

I love pinterest craft days :) Don't worry, Kent also has a love for crafts.

25 April 2012

Must share with the world

I have been on the hunt for cheap wedding finds and I MUST share them with you. (please refer back to this post when you get married because it will save you from tears).

http://gotprint.net/g/welcome.do - This is where we printed our wedding invitations - 500 for $60. Not kidding! The only catch is you have to design them on your own using photoshop or picasa or something like that. If you are making a 5x7, make sure you make it on a 5.1x7.1 art board, that is the only way to upload. Ours turned out awesome!

http://www.envelopes.com/ - get the envelopes here. 500 for $46. Again, no jokes here!

http://www.solidcolorneckties.com/ - cheap awesome ties.

http://pinterest.com/ - all your wildest wedding crafty diy ideas.

http://www.ldsweddings.com/articles/4months.html - lds wedding checklist! They have one for 2, 4, and 6 month planning. I used this baby since the get-go.

That's all I've got so far, but another thing I have been doing is asking married friend people for advice/help with the planning and they give their opinion and it's awesome and helps so much. I *highly* recommend it. Thanks for the help, you know who you are! :)

PS this blog is getting a makeover once the last name is officially changed! stay tuned.

24 April 2012

wedding tid bits.

soft yellow. soft grey.

lemons. lemons. lemons. 
chocolate fountains. 

wedding dress rule #1: 
go with your instincts. I almost signed my
name (life) to a dress and as I held the pen, 
I broke down and cried. It wasn't the dress for me. 

My sister is throwing me a bridal shower.

Kent will come 4 days before the wedding.

3 or 10 bridesmaids? 
seriously, I can't decide.

date: 6/16/2012

my fiance is cute. 
cuter than yours. 

kansas city temple. 

being in love is so, so great.
being engaged is so, so horrible.
you always hear that and it is always true.
I can't wait to always be with him.

it's only been 3 days since we have left each other and I feel like it's a struggle to keep the communication good. There is a time zone difference and our families are busy. only 46 more to go. 

Last night was the first night I was comfortably able to sleep in my own bed! I basically live in a dark dungeon small room with little air that circulates (and there is usually a sweaty seven year old  plus a dog next to me) but with the window cracked, them gone and a fan right in my face I felt awesome all night.

It's hard to think about getting out of bed now and going on a run. The finac is making me feel guilty because he is going on a run. 

I should at least get up.

23 April 2012

oh brother

I miss this guy.


Tonight for Family Home Evening we tilled the garden with some lovely's in our ward.

 Shoveling is hard stuff

My family is awesome! It's so good and so fun to be home.

Wanna know what it's like to share a bathroom with a brother?
Fun stuff!
Can't wait to share one with a husband.


This is what my life has been lately:

I <3 skype

20 April 2012

Said goodbye to K this morning. We tried to be happy but it was hard for us. There were tears and I didn't want to leave him. We have 8 weeks and 1 day until the wedding. 

So happy :)

19 April 2012

Can't Stop Watching

We cannot stop watching this disturbing video.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to our friends DavĂ­d and Lauren! :)

in love.

our "last night together" photoshoot. 

yeah yeah yeah...

He's seen my dress.

Oh well. So have you! I got that beauty on craigslist for cheap cheap cheap! 
Today we took bridals from the awesome jalene taylor. The next time we see her it will be our wedding day... crazy!

1. me getting my hair done... lemme tell you dollar cuts ain't cheap. 2. Walking through the provo library trying to find a bathroom to change. 3. Getting picture taken in provo library before I had to give my dress to the cleaners. We walked in some mud, I accidently touched my dress to my red lips, and it was dirty when I bought it.

My ticket home is in hand and I leave for the airport at 8:20 tomorrow morning. 2 months without kentelope! We'll make it and the next time I see him is the week of our sealing, so it's all good. 

adios muchachos

17 April 2012

phone photos

When I blog, I always want to do a second blog (if I have the time) so here are some phone photos from this month:

1. braces off!!!!!! 2. Kansas City Temple open house is going on now! 3. We went shoe shopping and I try shoes on then leave mine while I walk around in the new ones. 4. S'MORES 5. New shiny sunglasses - the only way to go. 6. Pizza Pie Cafe - I ate like 3 dessert pizzas.

I hear kent rocking out to "big girls don't cry".  I'm gonna go give him a kiss now. 


INTRODUCING..... the new smile!
He looks SO much better, now we just have to whiten them :)

In celebration we went to the discovery park and the timpanogos temple!

K says he likes to smile now! yay for braces!