31 December 2011


I have decided some resolutions to make for the new year. I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.

But every time I set a resolution, it seems overwhelming. I have come to realize that these goals are a continual thing to work on and will never be done at once. 

1. Take a photo every day. Hard? Yes, but not impossible. Pictures will be posted here: http://kentandanna.tumblr.com/
2. Write a sentence of my day each day *see the pictures
3. Get up earlier - before 10am.
4. Read a new blank Book of Mormon and mark in it to find out more about myself/my purpose
5. Finish things right away... and try to avoid procrastination (for example.. it is 4:07am and I am still working on pictures to finish before I leave for Idaho...yikes)
6. Be happy. let things go. forgive quickly.

 Here we go! Happy New Year!
xox anna

25 December 2011


Merry Christmas everyone!

We got a family picture with "Elf-e" (on top of the tree). Our Elf on the Shelf has and will be a member of our family - he is that important.

xox anna

21 December 2011


Skype is wonderful. There would be no other way to see something like this live, from Utah. Kent and I have been skyping a lot this winter break. We must like each other or something..

Also, I got a haircut.

I am sending in my computer to get fixed. Adios for 3 days.
xox anna

20 December 2011

My Adventure Home

I have made it home! I know this post will have so many words, it's kind of overwhelming so I have been putting it off. But such a fun story - so i must blog.

- 12/17/2011 - 

My room right before I left

2am Kent dropped me off at the bus. We said our goodbyes, I teared a little but we will see each other in 14 days :) I sat next to this kid who lived in Lawrence, KS for 4 years and so we talked about Kansas weather and our families and stuff. The lights were off and after about half an hour of driving and quietness I was gone. Woke up occasionally because of the uncomfortable position I was in and because my nose itched like crazy! I have no idea why.. it was so weird. The drive felt so short! I woke up for real (to fix my contacts) and we were there at the airport! So quick! 

Checking in was difficult. The kiosk wouldn't give me my tickets, so I went to the help desk and it took a while. He asked me, "Did we change your flight?" me, "yes" (from 12pm to 8am thank you very much!) and then he pushed some buttons and gave me my tickets.
I checked one bag and it only weighed 34lbs.! That is so impressive for me!! 
Drank some chocolate milk while I waited for them to seat us and I couldn't figure out why my ticket said "row 2" and I didn't understand which zone i was in.. so I asked the lady, and she said, "Oh! go right on in! We were waiting for you!"

Guess who got first class?? 

I couldn't believe this. I sat down and asked the guy next to me why this happened. We figured that it was to pay me back for the flight change - Thank you Delta! I documented all I could  (I slept most of the ride).

Cute bottled water was sitting there for us! My awesome ticket. 

I figured my window should have been cleaner..

I had fun, and probably annoyed the guy next to me. They gave me a banana! :)

I made it home at 6pm and it was so good to see my whole family there. We went to see the temple in Kansas City, and then went to dinner at the cracker barrel. I drove home and then surprised Kiva in the backyard - it was so fun. She is sleeping right next to me now. Good to be home! 
Not excited about my dentist appointment tomorrow. Kent has a doctor's apointment at the same time - awesome. and then goes to a basket ball game!
I will blog more later.

16 December 2011

more whales

I just saw this on http://attackofthecute.com/index.php?&page=6 (attack of the cute.com) and it made me smile. I am done with my clean check and done with school! So for now I am sitting here looking at whale videos, waiting for Kent to finish cleaning. 

I LOVE everything about this picture. It made me miss my bunnies very much. Alice in wonderland kind of creeps me out, but I really like the composition and the different patterns and textures and just the feeling of it. 

My sister just texted me and said 24 hours until I will see these fun people again!!!:

Mom & Parker!


Granny & Grandpa!

and these animals:
Bunbun & Kevin


SEE YOU SOOON Manhattan people!! :)

The Trip home

My journey home begins tomorrow at 2am on a bus. I have a 5 hour layover, so I will most likely be blogging during that time, telling you about my adventures to the airport. 

I made a picture list of what I want to do for Christmas using pinterest, of course. Here is what I am going to be doing in my spare time in Kansas (besides seeing and enjoying time with family):

I want to create one of these for muh-self

I also want to make one of these. I really like this style.

Saw this and I thought of things to do with the Pman

I HAVE THIS JACKET IN BLUE. Maybe if I wear it with my khaki pants and a white shirt?? They are all at home, so I will bring them back! :)

Fun bokeh 

YES. for Santa.

Also fun Bokeh, I don't know why I haven't tried this yet!

If you want to follow me on pinterest, here is the link! http://pinterest.com/afreeby/ 

My family is going to pick me up from the Airport and then we are going to go see Christmas lights on the plaza in KC or somewhere else in KC and maybe even go see the temple!! :) I am so excited to see my family again!!!

13 December 2011

Saturday Night

For our Saturday night date night we went to Pizza Pie Cafe with coupons and then to cheap bowling on campus! It was eventually fun... I had to humble myself and accept that I'm really bad at bowling. Kent was real good!

getting 6 gutters in a row (our names were mamasita and papasita 

Here is the final score of the second game. Our goal was to get to 110 and to get to 80, and we did it!

Here is us at Pizza Pie Cafe!

These are from Wednesday, when we went to Carter's piano recital :)
Beautiful Sunset!

At the show!

It reminded me of my piano recitals. Carter did a great job!!
Kent really wants to learn piano now, maybe I'll teach him...

Happy Finals!!

11 December 2011

09 December 2011


See this right here?? ------------------------------------------------------------>

This is what I am in the middle of right now and I want to know where you like to study!

I love studying in my room, but I get less done. And studying in the library is so boring, but I get more done. Sometimes I don't even study at all, I just wing it.