30 November 2011

Sneaky Sneaky

Guess what Anna did while Kent was taking a little nap and  thought Anna was doing Homework??


^ probably my favorite of the bunch ^

And he didn't even know..

The last picture is when I panicked when he started moving and waking up. I quickly exited the camera with this look of worry on my face. I wish I could say "and he doesn't even know I took them!" buuuuut, I can't. I showed him right when he got up and didn't appreciate them as much as I thought he would because he was still sleepy. 

oh well, I still had fun :)

29 November 2011


For my photography class, we have an awesome assignment due regarding "portraits". I needed to take a "masculine" pose of my sweetie, and so we had a lot of fun taking pictures :)
Kent Buys came up with this pose all by himself  - so proud.

"okay show me your cute face, Kent"

 Playground picture trying not to slip!

 This is the winner for masculine powerful stance and picture! ha he asked me if he should flex and I said, "oohhh yes."
 Then he took a couple pictures of me and told me to make a kissy face :)
 Timers on cameras ruuule

 Then we went back home and took some pictures of peanut the cat

Group shot! All looking at the camera :)


My sweetheart showed up with flowers as he picked me up from class yesterday! We traveled to the gym together and worked our muscles for a much needed workout after Thanksgiving. We are grateful for the gym! Going there again today. 


My roommate Christine and I stayed up talking all night about life. I'm gonna miss her.

28 November 2011

Letter to Claire

Claire and Kent at the Sock Hop in Manhattan, KS
 I wrote my sister, Claire a letter and I thought it was blog-worthy and really documented our day, so I will type it down. 
(p.s. Claire, don't read this until you get your letter)

"Kent and I were doing laundry today (at his place because it's free for me because he has to buy this $85 card... so dumb, so I use it too to use it up before the semester ends) when I received a phone call from Brother Rarick asking if he could pick us up (awesome - no car, remember?) and take us (w/ everyone) to their church gym to play soccer/bball/frisbee, etc. (double awesome). So he picked us up at 3pm and we played soccer then all the kids (minus nora) played in the nursery for like 2 hours while Kent and Tim played bball with old men. It was kent's first time since broken fingers, so he loved it. The Rarick's invited us to dinner (yummy burritos). We ate, played hullaballoo, and then we all watched the GRINCH while Jodi sewed something cool. I played with Nora mostly :)
Then something fabulous awesome happened. Jodi gave me her keys to their Honda thing and said, "drive it home and then come to church tomorrow" It was so awesome feeling so trusted. With their car.We asked if we could get some groceries too, so we went to Walmart. While we were in the ice cream section, Jodi walks up! It was weird/funny because we had her car. Don't worry, we said a prayer before we left and no accidents! She was getting ice cream to help her write her talk (I'm guessing) because she hadn't written it yet. It's awesome because she says she is the worst procrastinator, and so am I!"

The end for the letter.

Oh, but I will say this from the letter, "Update me on yo life, girl! Love you, Anna"
(You can read that, Claire)

We made it to church the next day RIGHT on time. We were a little late because we snooozed our alarms. But we sat with the kiddos and were edified from their talks. Carter gave a talk in Primary, so we went to his too. He has such a testimony! and only 8 years old! I was never that focused or in tune with the Spirit at that age. 
Kent and I talked about how the family ward was a nice change from being in a singles ward. It seems like everyone is in the same boat, going to the same school, attending the same classes.... while a family ward has so much variety and experience waiting to be heard, shared, taught and practiced! It was a wonderful Sabbath. 
The Raricks let us take their car again because we went for dinner again! They are so wonderful and kind to us. We skyped my family after homemade lasagna and homemade lemon bars. When we are older (not saying they are old) but we want to do things like have college students over and let them borrow our car for a night and watch movies and play games with them. It is such a wonderful feeling being in a home with a family every once in a while. Because you tend to miss family. a lot. (especially the first semester).


Well, no news here but I didn't do much of my homework over the break. I didn't even do the stuff due tomorrow! What was I thinking?? I have to memorize paragraph number 6 of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" by 2pm tomorrow. Can I do it? I might start tonight...ehh.

Gotta cram it all in because I leave for home (and the semester is over) in 3 weeks!! 

Love you Claire!
This is sad that this is the only picture I have of us on my computer, photoshoot when I get home??

p.s. Kent dribbled a basket ball through my legs and went to go get it and slammed his forehead onto my nose. ow. Not broken, but ow.
p.p.s. I bought business cards for new photog business!! stay tuned..

So many words in this post. Probably my longest word one ever.

26 November 2011

Food Baby

Howdy y'all! This is Kent! Thanksgiving day was sooo fun, fattening an relaxing! Anna and I went to my Aunt and Uncles house in Idaho Falls! We has a slumber party Wednesday night. We played catch phrase and Anna guessed what I was describing. Woo Hoo! It was our first one!

 On Thanksgiving day we had lots to eat! It was very delicious, especially the salad with grapes in it. We had to ask for the recipe. 

Okay about being fat and having food babies.

Taking a little break from the meal on the couch. We were so full, we had to wait a couple hours before we could eat pie!

The puppies, Teddy and Ellie, gave us lots of attention, so we gave some back.

Can it get any cuter??

 Ellie loves her tummy rubbed! Anna put her in heaven for a day.

We watched Christmas movies and cuddled with puppies. It doesn't get better than that!


Last night Kent and I went to COSTA VIDA!! We shared the sweet pork salad and fed each other. Then we had tres leches, ahhh we love food. 

For the second part of our date, we saw Breaking Dawn - wow was that intense. So much blood and unexpected events. Our favorite part of the whole night was hearing a man that worked there say, "Did someone order pizza?" right when the movie started in the dark. It was hilarious, and we giggled for a long time.

Kent's first time playing scrabble! We play it simple, names are allowed and so are small words like "UV" and "WU" :) ha

I'd say it was a success.

*during this post we fed each other apple pie :) yummmm!

School starts in 2 days!