28 March 2012

Stephanie Nielson

I love this blog, this family and this woman. I was introduced to her story by a Young Women's leader 2 years ago and have been following nienie ever since. Every single time I watch this video my nose runs and I cry. The reasons behind her writing a book are so touching and inspiring. I am so excited for her new book! I just ordered it!!

xox anna

25 March 2012

Field Trip!

I failed to upload the ones with captions on the pictures. Oh well - Here are the pictures from my field trip (for my natural disasters class) to MONTANA, WYOMING and IDAHO!! Today was the farthest north I have EVER been. It was so beautiful and so fun :)


my boots 


Left: Aluvial Fans & Fault Scarp Right: Prettiest Light I have EVER seen

Land slide

 coolest glasses ever.





Ice fishing!

We love learning!

Teton Dam - incredible how it broke.

xox anna

ps I got home at 3:30pm and then surprised K at work at 4pm (when he gets off). We played frisbee in  a park, went to the store to buy turkey & a mango, then rented a movie, went to Nielsons to get a frozen custard and then we watched the movie! (Money Ball) We also officially finished our wedding invites - we just need to figure out the print settings/double check words and everything and we should be good to go! Only 8 days of the semester left! 

22 March 2012

twenty three

guess who turned 23 today?

Happy Birthday Love!

pictures to come.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo anna

21 March 2012

Single Life

I realized that these next 2 weeks will be the last with girl roommates (I get to upgrade real soon) but for now I have been thinking about the time I have had to live with such amazing people. I have been so stinkin' lucky each semester. 

1st semester: Kerr 127 Dorms with Danielle, Natalie, and Whitney. They are amazing ladies! We probably walked to walmart 8 times together this semester. 

I also met these two lovelys who I am still awesome friends with btw

Second semester: Royal Crest 215 Apartments 
Careshmeh, Ceri, Marquee, Morgan, (Natalie) & Lydia! These girls were so fun to live with! 2 are married and 3 of us are engaged :) This is the year I met that pretty cool lookin' kid with the belt buckle on the right ;)

Here is Lydia with her hubby Kedrick - they are so perfect together.

3rd semester: Royal Crest 302 Apartments
These awesome ladies were also such a blast! We did so much and learned so much together.

4th semester: Royal Crest 302 Apartments
I promise I took a picture of us. But I can't find it. Once I do I will create a special post just for it :)
But these girls are amazing. I just love listening to how they talk - it's great. 

Here's what I'll miss about living with 5 other girls: 
Brownies every other week.
Walking to church.
Automatic friends.

Dishes that pile up like no other.

Warning signs above the toilet.

 Toilet paper shortage almost every day.
 Sharing a bathroom (that locks you in btw).

 Quote walls!!! (jk....)

I am so excited for my permanent roommate!!!!
less than 3 months!! :)
xox anna


we forgot.

so we skyped.

xox anna

18 March 2012

Our One Year of Dating Celebration

Began at 7:07am
I ran to kent's apartment to decorate with a sign and little notes. 
One in his toofbrush, waffle box in the freezer, and syrup in his cupboard

Then a big one on his door :) 
with a secret message on the back



 At night we celebrated with pancakes and m&ms in them. We made 12 baby pancakes for 12 months of dating!


We ended the night watching Madagascar 2 (the movie we kissed at the end with and became bf/gf) 
to many more years!

xox anna