Our Love Story – Kent Buys and Anna Freeby
9/10/10 She Saw Him in Math Class – As students at BYU-Idaho we had a math class together and saw each other for the first time. I thought he was cute and he kept getting me mixed up with another girl.

1/10/11 They Met in Family Home Evening – That next winter we were assigned to the same family home evening group in our ward. We became good friends through game nights and late night taco bell runs. With about a month left of the semester, we realized we both had feelings for each other. 

3/9/11 Country Dancing First Date – After talking about wanting to go for a while, I finally asked her to go Country Dancing via text message. I stepped on Anna’s toes the whole night due to my lack of experience. Besides that we had such a blast in our button-up shirts and belt buckles.

3/13/11 He kissed her – After spending all Sunday side by side, we found ourselves talking, laughing and getting to know each other. We went on a walk around Porter Park and then he took me to his house. We sat on the couch watching Madagascar 2, when he asked me, “Can I kiss you?” and I of course said yes.
On 4/6/2011 Anna went back to Kansas for the summer and Kent stayed in Idaho, but we stayed together. It was the best decision of our lives. Being apart brought us so much closer together and made us realize how much we care about each other.

4/29/11 They Fell in Love – This is what was said via text, Listening to backstreet boys and looking at our pictures made me miss you soo much. Love you babe.  I had to say it:) have fun watching despicable me:) muah – kent We have been smitten with each other ever since.

8/22/11 He came to Kansas – After the semester was over for Kent, he came to my hometown of Manhattan, KS to see me and meet my family! Our first hug in the airport was so special and felt so real. We took a drive to the Kansas City Temple construction site and he told me how he was feeling about us and about marriage.
We spent the fall semester together at BYU-Idaho, and then Anna went home to Kansas for Christmas.

12/31/11 He popped the question & she said YES! – Coming off the plane in the Salt Lake City airport a little earlier than scheduled, I looked for Kent but could not find him. I waited for my bag and then turned around and saw that he was looking at the screen for my flight. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. After the hug he pushed me back and showed me a sign he had made that said “Welcome Back Anna!” then he flipped it over and it said “KANSAS CITY TEMPLE BABE – I CAN’T WAIT!” Then He got on one knee, handed me flowers and said beautiful words about us being together forever, then he popped the question! And I said yes :)

6/16/12 For Time and All ETERNITY – Our Temple date is June 16th, 2012 in the Kansas City Temple. We couldn’t be happier!