29 November 2011


For my photography class, we have an awesome assignment due regarding "portraits". I needed to take a "masculine" pose of my sweetie, and so we had a lot of fun taking pictures :)
Kent Buys came up with this pose all by himself  - so proud.

"okay show me your cute face, Kent"

 Playground picture trying not to slip!

 This is the winner for masculine powerful stance and picture! ha he asked me if he should flex and I said, "oohhh yes."
 Then he took a couple pictures of me and told me to make a kissy face :)
 Timers on cameras ruuule

 Then we went back home and took some pictures of peanut the cat

Group shot! All looking at the camera :)


My sweetheart showed up with flowers as he picked me up from class yesterday! We traveled to the gym together and worked our muscles for a much needed workout after Thanksgiving. We are grateful for the gym! Going there again today. 


My roommate Christine and I stayed up talking all night about life. I'm gonna miss her.

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