10 June 2012

rough stuff

This older lady at church today asked me if I was sad that I was loosing her. I replied, "yeah."I just went with the flow, having no idea what she was talking about. And then she said, "Well she could have waited a few years, but what can you do?"

She thought I was Claire.

She was talking about me.

I just had a really rough day at church today. I came home, called Kent and cried telling him the horrible things that happened and how I felt alone and how I felt people were attacking me. (I'm WAY too emotional to present myself in public, obviously). It felt like I was on my own and I didn't have all the answers.
But not everything went horrible. I got to sing with the choir next to a lovely lady who made me laugh, a Sister from the ward gave an amazing talk about how to live with Faith and find it, she also complimented me on a craft I did, I taught cute 11 year olds and they were so nice to me, I forgot to hand out the brownies after that class - so I had a brownie on the way home, and then I came home to call my wonderful fiance who comforted me and supported me and gave me so much strength and told me he can't wait to be by my side the next time something crazy like this comes up.

Today wasn't so bad after all. Now the only terrible thing is that my eyes are supper puffy and I don't know how to get rid of it. I'm pretty sure I will be crying the entire morning/evening of our sealing/ring ceremony. So basically my pictures are gonna be awesome.

*Also* I noticed that I say Kint, not Kent. I need to fix that... 

I heart this man.


  1. I love that you ate the brownies...I would have too. It stinks that such a happy time gets to be so stressful. Just know that its the storm before the joy. You're going to find that when you try to take a step closer to God Satan will try and prevent you. Just keep pushing forward and know that the trials are a sign that you're on the right path!

    1. Seriously! The storm is raging. Thank you for your perspective on it all, it gives me hope - every time. I love you guys!