12 June 2012


In just two hours I will see the man of my dreams walk onto my lawn and throw his arms around me. BUT WHO'S COUNTING?
Seriously it feels like a weird dream. There is so much I could be doing, but I can't focus so I just walk around the house or go on the computer or go to the bathroom. It doesn't feel real, yet he keeps telling me he's almost here. I am sitting by the window and when a car goes by my heart beats a little faster - because one of them is going to have my future husband inside.

Last night I went to bed at 1:30pm due to helping my sister with her new cute blog and showering. I woke up at 5:37am and laid there for an hour just thinking that in 9 hours he will be here. This is pathetic! But I am just so stinking excited and he is all I can think about! 

So, I went for a run.
I NEVER run in the morning. It was so nice to get some of this energy out before I woke up and did stuff. I was back in time to help with the house cleaning. Did you know that it's cooler in the morning in Kansas?? Sounds dumb, but I didn't.

At 11am Claire and I went to a "free spa treatment" Mary Kay thing at this fun lady's house.
The PERFECT day to get my makeup done if you ask me. 

The food is cooking, people are presentable, and the balloon is on the mailbox. I'd say we are ready for some Kent Buys!

Oh, and I haven't eaten all day.

Hopefully tonight we will get a little post up of us.... TOGETHER!
So happy now, I can't contain it.

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