06 June 2012


Today I decided to take a little trip around the neighborhoods I grew up in. 

This week my sister is at the same band camp that I went to when I was her age. Every single day of that camp I cried. I cried and told myself that I will never be leaving my family again. I would never go to BYU-Idaho and I would always stay at home and live with my family.

Thank goodness I did not follow my own desires.

And now look where all that has lead me to:

The most amazing adventure that begins in 10 days as mr. and mrs. buys.

I have ALWAYS been worried about how "my story" is going to play out. I never like to share things or tell people about like our little journey being engaged - because I thought it wasn't the cutest story and because I always thought I wasn't doing it right. But it is. It completely is. Because it's OURS and no one will ever have the same one that we do. Our life will be ours and we will share what we love and enjoy it and NOT COMPARE! (I'm so bad at that).

I was also always scared to "move on" and leave my home & high school. That's why I think I take so many pictures...http://kentandanna.tumblr.com/archive I still am I guess!

But I am so ready for this new life!! :)

I love you Kent Buys!

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