07 June 2012

love notes

I never knew how cute and in love I am with wedding cards. There are so many cute sayings and it just makes me giddy reading through them! I plan to keep them all under my bed and read them when life gets tough.

Thank you!

I don't know why, but while talking to Kent the other day he decided to be hilarious. These are some of the things he said:

"You will always be the dark one in our family" - referring to my attempt to tan but I was burnt badly.

"It's Christmas every week around here! And it's about to be Christmas everyday!!" - referring to the cards I send him weekly. 

That guy cracks me up.


  1. Only days left! I am so excited for your wedding to finally be here!! I cannot begin to tell you how cute your invites are! Congrats, and I hope everything goes well on your big day!!

    1. BAHHH! I know it's finally ALMOST here!! Thank you Camie! I hope you are doing so well! I miss you and being your roommate :(