14 June 2012


I have been neglecting this little blog due to distractions (like Kent Buys) and my mind is going a million times a minute about this wedding stuff! Basically I packed my life for the next three weeks tonight in bags because we leave for Kansas City tomorrow to stay in a hotel and be there for the next morning - which is the sealing! :)

Kent Buys and I have been together and every day goes by a little bit faster than the previous. It's already FRIDAY!? Seriously.

We are so lovey dovey I think my parents and other people in public hate it, but I love it! It is the best and I am loving these wedding jitters. I never want them to leave!

Today Claire and I got our nails done at K nails. It was fun and we both got shilaque (whatever) stuff on our fingers and they are SO WONDERFUL. The best part was having my nails done was having Kent there to take pictures and rub my back while she did my nails. I LOVE HIM. 

We also decorated the reception and I love it. I have had zero stress and said, "sure!" or "whatever looks good to you" like 10 times. I just want it to be done, and we're both happy with it and so that's just great! 

Our second day together

The beautiful temple! I love the temple!

Due to running around town all day tomorrow and leaving for Kansas city, I don't think we will ever get a post in before we leave for the honeymoon. :(

But I love you all and we will be back in a week! To guide you over to our new blog as mr. and mrs. buys :)

Oh! I also made this while I was at the temple:

These are pictures of things on the temple grounds that say our last name. Our friends David and Lauren had one as a gift for their wedding, and so I made one for us.

Together FOREVER! <3 Love you Sweetie

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